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Quo vadis Textexpander 6?

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TextexpanderTextexpander was for years a faithful companion in my work life. In the last couple of days I noticed that a new update from Textexpander 5.9 to 6 was available. So I visited the website of Textexpander to figure out what the upgrade from 5.9 to 6 will cost me and really hard had to rub my eyes when I say that the makers of Textexpander (Smile) had invented a money printing machine with switching from a one time amount to a monthly subscription. So I thought to download it and check out if it’s worth that. What me to say? I really was speechless when I saw that all my snippets was uploaded to a cloud server and deleted from my local hard drive after I disconnect the new created Textexpander account. So each time I simulated a missing internet connection (like it will be for example with laptops sometimes) all my snippets was gone.

But not enough with that, so they also raised up their prices from former $35 up to $47. Think for such a small piece of software it’s way to much and on top also not that what customers want.

So I’m pretty sure that a lot of the old and honest customers, who used Textexpander (like me) will now turn his back and will search for alternatives like for example Typinator or TypIt4me what can do the same job as Textexpander and who are less expensive. So Typinator you can have for $21 and TypIt4Me for $20.

If you choose Typinator you also will able to import all your old Textexpander snippet.

In the summary you can say that Smiley don’t do themselves a favor with switching from a one time fee to a monthly subscription. Also that they give the user no choice to save the snippets local or in a insecure cloud.

So I only can say as the result in direction to Smile: That was absolutely a no go! If you don’t want loose all your Textexpander customers (like me who already deleted Textexpander) switch back to the roots.

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